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Healthier Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

We have seen manufacturers of millions of different products, either food or non-food, are using plastic for packaging. With all the plastic-free campaigns and no-straw policies, it may shock you that the use of plastic was initially intended to save the earth by reducing the use of paper products. Note that excessively using papers mean encouraging more deforestation as papers are made from trees. However, people cannot really control how the once right-on-target solution can turn into the biggest nightmare for all those green activists. The condition leads to a saddening truth that plastic has been polluting the land for decades.

Aside from pollution, plastic packaging is also known to be a health threat for modern people. Studies show that those who eat plastic-wrapped food daily have a higher chance of cancers than those who prefer paper and other natural wrappers. For that reason, people need healthier alternatives to plastic, and the list below will help you explore more options.


Highlighting the need for drastic and radical changes when it comes to food packaging is not an easy thing to do. Scientists need to be prepared for alternatives that resemble plastic as a way not to create chaos. It is when they come up with seaweed plastic. The term refers to a biodegradable material that resembles plastic that is made entirely from seaweed. The attempt shows signs of success as weed concentrate packaging and concentrate packaging play important roles in the customer experience. This way, the government and activists can propose a better and healthier alternative. Seaweed plastic does not possess natural plastic characteristics, including chemical chains and reactions. It reacts differently when it is exposed to food and heat, making it a safer option.


Mycelium is a fungus species that is usually found in aquatic ecosystems. The mushroom roots prove to be a valuable natural resource to create a healthier packaging option to replace plastic. The final result of the process is a foam-like material that manufacturers can use to pack their products. Another thing that is worth highlighting is that some companies have also started using this material to replace the use of styrofoam.


It feels like going back to decades ago when people did not realize what damages that plastic could do to our body and the earth. However, the paper is still the best and simplest option that people have. Paper proves to be a much healthier option, but a constant supply of paper needs several adjustments as a way not to destroy nature.…