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Why Choose Saline Breast Implants Over Other Implants

Saline breast implants are among the major options for women who need breast augmentation. Women can now benefit from Breast Augmentation using saline implants. These implants are made of a saline-filled silicone gel.

Advantages over other types of implants


Saline implants arsiliconee safe because they are made of a sterile solution of water and salt. Thus, even if a leak happens, the solution can be absorbed by the body without causing harm. Leaks are usually apparent with breast implants, and a rupture can occur almost immediately as the solution escapes via the plastic lining.

This makes saline implants the best option for women that are concerned about safety while undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.


When saline implants are used, they are inserted first as empty shells that are filled while in place. This implies that their sizes can be adjusted to a certain degree. However, size is usually pre-determined, but the surgeon can make some adjustments to ensure that the patient gets breasts with their desired sizes.


Saline implants require small incisions. They can also be inserted via any site where an incision is made. This includes under arms. As such, the surgeon can ensure the comfort of the patient while performing the breast augmentation procedure.

Additionally, knowing that a saline implant consists of a natural solution that can safely and easily be absorbed by the human body in case of a rupture or leak enhance comfort of the patient.

Easy leak detection

Since the body absorbs saline in case a leak occurs, any rupture or leak can be noticed immediately. Thus, a problem that arises after the breast augmentation procedure is addressed easily and quickly when saline implants are used.

Less expensive

Saline implants are less expensive than other implants. This is because they do not involve repeated expensive MRI examinations which are required for patients with other implants such as silicone implants. Raptures are rare after the augmentation procedure and eventual healing. However, in the case of rapture, the implants will deflate after which a physician can examine the patient.

Better appearance

Saline impwoman with bralants have minimal possibilities of a capsular contracture. This refers to the formation of a scar tissue which makes the implant hard with an unnatural appearance. This makes saline implants an ideal option for women with little natural breast tissue.

If you intend to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, consider saline breast implants. However, schedule a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon first to find out whether saline implants can give your breasts a look that you desire.