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How To Buy Field Hockey Nets – A Buyers Guide

It is possible that you know a lot about hockey, but when it comes to purchasing the right kind of net, the challenge becomes even greater. Many people interested in the game may it be coaches, or even the players themselves do not take a lot of consideration to find out whether the net they are about to purchase is the right kind of this game. After all, to them, a net is a net as long as it serves its purpose.

Four things to consider before making a purchase

Sizeplaying Field Hockey

The field hockey nets always come in different configurations when it comes to size. Age of the players is what will determine the size of your nets. Small nets are usually made of players between ages of 5- 8 years. It is 54 inches allowing them to make use of their puck skills efficiently. Medium nets, on the other hand, are for players with agesĀ 9- 12. Regulation nets are ideal for adult players with a dimension of 72 inches


The more the net can survive with minimal damage the more advantageous it will be to you as it will save you the cost of repair or having to buy another one. Also, larger nets are more durable as compared to smaller nets thus will give you a longer lifespan.

The size of the mesh

The size aField Hockey gamend tightness of the net mesh are proportional to durability. However, it is important to look for nets that will not allow the hockey ball to pass through. That means the mesh holes must be smaller than the hockey ball. Otherwise, you will have to deal with cases of the ball getting lost once it can pass through the net.


Thought as you go to the sports house you will be looking for a net that will not break the bank reserves it is important not to compromise quality for the price. Get a net that is of high quality but at a reasonable price that you will afford. The higher the quality, the longer the lifespan. A high-quality net can improve even the quality of your hockey game making it even more exciting.

Getting the right hockey net can play a vital role in improving your game. Nets are available in a broad range of sizes, styles, material, and colors. Getting the right material means that your net will stay for quite long.…