Health Benefits of Bowling

When it comes to bowling, your mind will start thinking about the fun nights out with colleagues or even childhood birthday parties. The truth is that bowling can be a great exercise that can promote your health. The truth is that there are no limits as far as who can bowl. To enjoy the game, you need to have the right ball. Hammer bowling balls help you improve your game and hone your skills. It is an easy-to-learn sport that makes it ideal for people of all ages. These are some of the health benefits of bowling you should know.

Burn Calories

It is estimated that an average bowler walks about 60 feet with each turn. This can get to a half a mile in a three-game series. Bowling helps burn up to 300 calories in an hour. It is the same as jumping a rope for 25 minutes.

Strengthened Muscles

bowling bowlsYou should note that the average bowling ball weighs about 15 pounds. When you swing and release the ball, 14-pound weight tones the shoulders, chest, legs, and arms. For instance, gripping the ball itself helps strengthen the muscles in the hands. If you are playing the three-series game, then you will throw the ball an average of 50 times.

Improved Balance and Flexibility

When you throw a 14-pound ball, you will not only improve your strength from the repeated motion. The lunging, twisting, and stretching bowling helps improve flexibility. Any time you extend the body, arm, your joints, muscles, and ligaments, you help improve flexibility and balance. Carrying additional weight on the upper half leads to the lower half to offset the difference with improved posture and balance.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

When you throw the ball to strike a group of pins about 60 feet away, this needs a lot of hand-eye coordination. In fact, you will be throwing the ball further than NBA players. You should note that coordination improves with practice. Therefore, the more you bowl, the better will be your hand-eye coordination.

Improved Social Life

bowlingAs you know, bowling is a social sport. If you are not on the lane, then you are hanging out with your teammates and friends. When people socialize they develop strong immunity and are less likely to suffer from certain types of cancer and depression. The truth is that bowling is a stress-buster. Although we all have our good nights, the socialization and physical exercise outweigh the benefits of the body. Thus, remember when playing bowling is not only about the fun, but also your health is concerned.…