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Guide on Buying Climbing Bouldering Shoes

Bouldering shoes are the main piece of climbing gear. They impact your performance and comfort when climbing. Scarpa Drago review will help you to choose the right climbing shoes. Below is a guide on buying the right bouldering shoes.

Buy the Right Fit

Picking the right fit will make your climbing experience more comfortable. When you are shopping for shoes, go in the afternoon. The feet tend to swell up to a full size during the day. But a shoe that is about a half-size big in case you require a sock. The only sure way to find the right fit is by trying the shoe on. This is important because you can try on multiple sizes.

When buying online, order more than one size and return what’s uncomfortable. Everybody’s feet are different so there is no sizing standard. You need to check the shoe charts for size translation. Remember sizes in different brands depending on the last, material, and design. Bouldering shoes do not need to be too tight to prevent blisters, calluses, and bunions.

Shoe Material

It is necessary to know what the shoe is made of. A shoe that stretches is ideal for climbing, leather will stretch more than synthetic and rubber will stretch the least. Unlined leather shoes can stretch up to full size. The disadvantage of leather is the stretching makes it challenging to determine the correct size. The stretch will also depend on the type of leather material.

Leather breathes more than synthetic material meaning the foot sweats less, reducing odor. The synthetic material has minimal stretch therefore easier to size than leather. They are easy to clean and will not be damaged with water when cleaning. A shoe made of hybrid synthetic or leather gives a unique look to your feet. This will depend on the placement and ratio of leather to synthetic materials. Make sure the shoe fits well but can be tighter in the leather areas.

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Where to Buy

Do not be deceived bouldering shoes may not be easily available in your nearest mall or store. If you are buying from a local retailer make sure they can offer guidance from a person who knows the use of each shoe and specific fitting tips. Some outdoor stores are great for buying shoes. They are stocked with different models, multiple sizes, shapes, and brands of shoes.

The best place to but is through a shoe demo. Most climbing gyms hold demos once a year to allow climbers to buy the necessary gear. You will test out the shoe’s capability and get yourself a performance-oriented shoe. During climbing festivals, you will get shoes a variety of brand presentations and all the advice needed. Before buying bouldering shoes online, do a little research first.


Most people ignore the gender labels and treat all shoes equally. Some men find women’s shoes fitting their feet better and some women find men’s shoes fit better. Ignoring the gender label will help you get the best performance shoe.

For people who have wide feet and high arches, men’s shoes will fit very well. If you have a narrow foot, check out women’s shoes. The low-volume shoes will fit smaller feet best. Consider buying unisex shoes because they can be narrow or wide, high or low volume.…